The Shire Officers work all year round to make sure the Shire runs smoothly, that we have events to participate in, and places to have them. They try their best to follow the Officer’s Policy, and of course SCA Rules and Regulations, and the ideals of Chivalry and Honor.

SeneschalSeneschal/President: Lady Oriana Volpe della Octavia de Venizia

ExchequerExchequer/Treasurer: Lady Cillene O Caollaidhe (aka: Lady Suleene Skye the Forgotten)

webministerWebmistress/Maintains the Webpage: Lady Cillene O Caollaidhe

Knight Marshal/Fighter Judge: OPEN

Chamberlain/Tradition Keeper: Lord Elias Barbarossa von Zweibruucken

Herald/Great Communicator: Lady Brit Taillyell

Provisional Chronicler/Journalist: Lady Cillene O Caollaidhe

Archivist/Historian: Lord Elias Barbarossa von Zweibruucken

Chatelaine/Newcomers’ Liaison: Baroness Ellesbeth Donofrey

Mistress of the Lists/List Keeper: Lady Astrid Olafsdatter

Mistress of Arts and Sciences: OPEN

danceDance Mistress: Lady Jacobina of the White Moor


Updated September 26, 2017