As a group, we are active in both the peaceable arts and martial activities of the Middle Ages. We host events, details of which can be found on the shire’s events page. The Shire participates in educational demos, which are held in a variety of places and locations: libraries, schools, for the Boy Scouts, fairs, and more. Workshops are hands-on make-and-take gatherings.

If you wish to present an Activity to the Shire, please complete the following information:
1. Demo/Event/Workshop and Name
2. Date(s)
3. Hours
4. Location
5. Point Person(s)
6. Prep Required
7. Outline of Activities
8. Financial costs; No receipt, thank you for the donation
9. Four months notice, less for a workshop/demo
10. Notice ready for Pikestaff three months prior

Shire Business Meetings:
The Shire Meetings are held the third Monday of each month at 7 pm or 7:30 pm unless stated otherwise.

Dance Practice:
Is on hold as the Bard is happily locked in his box.

Monthly Combat Practice:
Nothing on a regular basis. Check on our FaceBook page for scheduled practices.

Updated May 27, 2020