Events are participatory, and an attempt at pre-seventeenth century clothing (and sometimes an entry fee) is all that is required for attendance.


What does a Seneschal say when the King asks her to have an event, in her shire, on August 25th?
We have an event!
And a tourney! Why? Because when the King asks for a tourney, he gets a tourney! Heavy and Rapier.
TRM will be in attendance

Adventus in Eisental
Autocrat: Malys Macgregor (Rob Ault)
Co-Autocrat: Baroness Ysabeau du St. Wandrielle (Roseann Zona)
August 25th, 2018
10am to 6pm
Site: Kempton Community Center, Kempton PA
Style of Tournament has yet to be decided upon
Eisental Dayboard – Picnic style, as requested by the King!

For Heavy List Marshal’s we need someone to volunteer.
For Rapier Marshal we have the handsome Lord D.Sterling.
For Heavy and Rapier MOL we have the lovely Baroness’s Astrid and Ellesbeth.

We will have an A&S display too.
Our charming Lady Jacobina will let the bard out of the box for some dancing.
Class and more!

Eisental Event on East Kingdom website


If you wish to present an Event to the Shire, please complete the following information:
1. Event Information/Name
2. Date(s)
3. Hours
4. Location
5. Autocrat, Co-Autocrat; Troll, Merchant Coordinator, Set-up and Clean-up crew, etc
6. Prep Required: Site Fee, Advertising, Equipment, Food, Day Board, Feast, Breakfast, Feastocrats, Supplies, Insurance, Other (Itemize and comment), Outline of map designating fighting, feast, hall, camping, etc
7. Outline of Activities, Fighting, Fencing, Archery, A&S, etc
8. Financial costs of areas
9. Four months notice to present event and vote on during next meeting
10. Event notice ready for Pikestaff three months prior upon approval at next meeting to be submitted within one week of vote, if approved


Click here for a complete listing of East Kingdom Events.

Demos are held for many reasons and are the only time we have spectators for what we do. Mainly, demos are enacted to educate a group on the medieval ages that we study, or to inform the general populace about what we do in the SCA, and why.

WAR! Each summer at Pennsic!

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